Sensible dad: I’d like to buy 3 ‘fleeks’ & 7 ‘swags’ for my son.

“Sir this is Urban Outfitters”

Do you have any ‘baes’?

“Please leave”

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My 10 yr old googled how many states are in Oregon so I guess geography skills are like genetic or whatever


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…& murderous clowns, & ISIS, & one of these two getting elected President after Halloween.


I have, a really beautiful body

under my floor boards


Those of you who believe everything you read on the internet probably also believe there’s hot local singles in your area.


An ambitious bodyguard can specialize and become a shin or mouth guard


Ichabod Crane in the streets the headless horseman in the sheets


Leaves are showing their true colors. This is why I do not trust trees.


People who have to keep a phone charger in the bathroom; have you heard of shredded wheat and raisin bran?


About to go out and make some foreign dude’s night by butchering the pronunciation of the food I’ll be ordering.