Shipwreck diary, Day 32,567: So, turns out I’m immortal.

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He pulls a gun and demands my wallet
I slowly pull down my t-shirt collar, revealing a shark-tooth necklace
Trembling, he backs away slowly


God: you’re a decapod.

Crab: what does that mean?

God: it means you have 10 legs.

Crab: b-but that’s too many legs.

God: at least you don’t have a hundred.

Crab: why would someone have a hundred legs?

Centipede: yes God why would someone have a hundred legs?


I didn’t think there’d be a sequel for “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I just assumed that they all lived Harper Lee ever after


Friend: *sees my new tattoo of dogs kissing* Whoa! Is that permanent?!
Me: Yup.
Friend: Wow. What’s it mean?
Me: It means I can’t remove it.


Baked turkey for 4 and a half days – instructions said 1 hour per pound and I weigh 108!



Deck the halls
Patio the foyer
Balcony the den
Porch the bathroom
Am I doing this right?


Instead of smiling and nodding through a conversation, try clapping and nodding. People will stop talking to you.


[being strapped into the electric chair] Are you mad at me?