Shouting “Shotgun” will get you the front seat of a car or a heap of cash if you whisper it to a cashier.

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Ugh, Amazon Prime takes two whole days for delivery. I wish there was a way I could buy things and get them immediately.


Newsreader: “And now Tom with the weather.”
Weatherman: “It’s Tim, actually.”
Newsreader: “Sorry. And now Tom with the tim.”


Throw away mascara that is empty???? no no no why would I do that? instead I keep them all in my makeup bag and give myself a little game of “which one of these 10 identical tubes is full?” it’s very fun and ruins every single one of my mornings


I think Diane knows I was her Secret Santa at this morning’s office party, because this afternoon I had to borrow my stapler back from her.


A moment of silence for the fat friend in a group of girls who can’t jump high enough to be in the “mid air” beach picture 🙁


Wifi- Are you comfortable? Like really comfortable?
Me- Yeah, why?
Wifi- BYE


Imposter syndrome: I am surrounded by beings of impossible, cosmic intelligence

Also imposter syndrome: I, an incompetent, have tricked them all


I guess the guy who named the space between stuff in the universe “space” was just tired.


*dies while ironically wearing a fedora*:

oh no, this is part of my forever ghost outfit now


Interviewer : On your resume, you have the word “thigh” and it’s blank for 2 years. Please explain.
Me: That’s my thigh gap