Shower like nobody is watching.

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My friend tripped and fell, ran into a tree and broke her nose on her morning run this morning. I reminded her, I maybe got a little out of breath, but didn’t hurt anything eating cheesecake in bed.


Prison Guard: “So you two cons are in love?”

Con1: “Yes.”

Con2: “It’s like we finish each other’s…”

*in unison* “death sentences.”


[The oddity of dating]: Hey I like your face, also possibly your body. Let’s see if I can stand your personality until we die Okay?


I asked the manager if I could sample the sausage and that’s when I was asked to leave Costco.



Looking for someone willing to kill a man who has wronged me. Unfortunately I can’t pay but would be good exposure for an emerging murderer


Friend: can I borrow £20?

Me: No.

*slides me £20

Friend: How about now?


[babies txting]
“my dad’s thumb just came off”
lol wtf 😂
“wait its back on again nvm”
ok lmao
“he just stole my nose”
im phoning the police


I once challenged Snoop Dogg to a rap battle and the loser had to change their name.


Rock, paper, scissors?

-The proctologist removing items from me


As your goth healthcare provider I urge you to drink water. There is nothing more attractive or intimidating than a hydrated goth.