*slurps from a spoon*
Yep this hot tub is ready.

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A surprise party on someone’s birthday isn’t surprising. A better time would be 3-4 months after their birthday, in the middle of the night.


[Witness Protection Program]
So the more ordinary, mundane your new name is, the easier it’ll be to blend into your new-


DAD: i’m sorry but your mother and i would like you to stay away for awhile

ME: i understand. who knows what could happen with this virus

DAD: what virus


[after putting a fake mustache on an elephant]
FRIEND: You seen my elephant?
ME: no
FRIEND: [eyeing elephant] Maybe this fine gentleman has


“Are you a cop? You have to tell me if you’re a cop.”

“I’m a cop.”

“So you’re a cop AND a gun dealer? Random, but okay let’s do this shit”


me: [visibly doing maths on my fingers] “17”
host: [looks at me weird] “that’s wrong”
other contestant: “salmon?”
host: “correct”


Never realized how out of shape I was until I started sweating after using scissors for 30 seconds.


My iPhone does NOT rule my life.

Battery – Don’t worry, Siri. I got this.