Some call it alcoholism, I call it “keeping my emotions hydrated”

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Once I’ve repeated what I said for the third time, I have to tell my dark family secret:
I come from a long line of mumblers.


The plan was to keep eating these alcoholic chocolates until I was either drunk or diabetic. I didn’t bargain on “bankrupt” being an option.


Guy: I’ll pay for my coffee and the guy behind me
Me: hi thanks can I get a large coffee with 85 espresso shots


A beautiful woman said hi to me at the store and I panicked and said Merry Christmas.


Remember, parents: your children look to you for guidance. Kids are dumb like that.


I love Halloween because I can buy 9 bags of Snickers and everyone thinks I’m going to pass them out to kids.


3 weeks ago: I can’t get plastic bags for my groceries?!?!! 😠
Today: I can’t get groceries. 😑


Wait you *must* be the aunt I’ve heard soooo much about. The one who looks like Freddie Mercury and laughs like a jackal. Is this her honey?


Contemplating the merits of the Oxford comma as I head down to Florida to see my parents, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio