Son: Do you know what type of tea the British Army serves?

Me: No, what?

Son: Camo meal

*we tearfully embrace*

Wife: JFC

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You (someone who flips houses): I flip houses

Me (an idiot): you must be very strong


Let’s move on now. if I had a pound for every time I heard a Brexit joke this week I’d nearly have a Euro.


BOSS: Wow you made a killing on your first day

ME: Thanks boss!

BOSS: *puts hand on my shoulder* that’s bad for a surgeon


Like when you make a mistake on your paper so you use wite-out but then it gets all chunky and busted and worse. That’s concealer in your 40s.


My nana sleeps about four hours a night. That’s four whole hours I can use her wig to train my owl.


I woke up with a horse’s head in my bed. And straw. And the rest of the horse’s body. And cows. And a tractor. And this is a barn, I guess.


it’s weird to me when people say their heroes are writers, actors or directors when there are people who say “well, goodnight” and go to bed in the middle of parties they’re hosting


First 20 minutes driving through farm country: “Isn’t this pretty?”
Next 3 hours: *can’t remember a life before corn*


First Dates are like seeing a new doctor for the first time. How much do you want to tell them before you sound crazy.


WAITRESS: Would you like a lunch menu or a dinner menu?
ME: No thanks. I don’t eat menus.