[spreading rumors]

me: R

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Seeing a woman drinking, smoking, and gambling while in her wedding dress makes me realize I need to up my multi-tasking game.


Conservatives after a mass shooting: “You can’t take our guns!”

Conservatives after a police shooting: “But he had a gun!”

I’m confused.


My Game Of Thrones review: Even my cat is a mess.


scientist: this machine erases your bad memories instantly. any volunteers?

me: i’ll give it a go

scientist: but you were just here yesterday

me: i’ve made some bad life choices since then


netflix: are you still watching

me, on my phone not paying any attention at all: yes


Started to go to the gym this morning, couldn’t find my membership card…

A new one was $10

A donut & coffee were $3

Guess who saved $7?


Jobs I’d be shit at:
-brain surgeon
-rocket scientist
-goat herder
-sober person thingy


The Grammy performers prove that no matter age, sex, race, religion or looks, I have no idea who most them are.