Squirrels are just rats who blow dry their tails.

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Dance like you aren’t depressed. Sing like you didn’t kill that homeless guy. Love like you don’t have herpes.


Senior: *Gets diploma* I’m glad all the cliquey high school stuff is behind me
Principal: *Laughs for the rest of the graduation ceremony*


I tell my kids that thunder means God is shouting; rain means God is crying; and lightning means God is killing Luke Skywalker.


older coworker: i made a cake to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my divorce!

younger coworker: wow, you’ve been divorced longer than i’ve been alive




older coworker: you don’t get any cake


I am far too familiar with the bathroom floor to ever be judgemental of anyone else’s life decisions.


Before kids:
[Watching nature documentary]

How do some animals just abandon their young like that??

After kids:
[Watching nature documentary]

[Takes notes]


Twitter is over Capacity! Well, so’s my liver but you don’t see me slowing down because of it.


when i end emails with


it is not abbreviated well-wishes, but letting you know that i am the best talia.


Girls need strong female role models may I suggest Godzilla she is a strong, confident woman that fights for justice and also breathes fire


The years 2045. 90s kids are old &wrinkly. Grandma tosses seeds to pigeons “Go insane go insane throw sum glitter make it rain” she whispers