Thank god madagascar 3 is coming out. Just didnt get the closure i needed with the first 2

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What if ants aren’t insects at all but are vehicles that even smaller insects drive to work?


Adrenaline Junky:
*Almost falls to certain death*

*Almost drops grilled cheese sandwich*


I like to sit in the hotel hot tub with a bunch of potatoes, peas & carrots. I introduce myself as Stew.


If women had written the Bible, snoring would be considered a deviant behavior and/or manifestation of evil.


You guys ever try boiled pasta? It’s not as crunchy but it’s alright


6yo has two pregnant Barbies and one Ken doll. You could cut the tension in the Barbie camper with a tiny stiletto.


Save money on laser removal of ‘love hate’ knuckle tattoos, by changing the last letter to an ‘s’ and developing an interest in millinery.