Thank you Saran Wrap for so many years of not even remotely doing what I want.

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My friend Stephen misheard me when I invited him to this CrossFit gym. He’s going to have a hell of a time running in stilettos.


Writer: So this movie is about a little girl and her dog and…

Disney: Her parents die. Brilliant.

Writer: No.

Disney: Just her mom?

Writer: No.

Disney: Her dad?

Writer: No.

Disney: So then who dies? The girl? The dog?

Writer: Nobody dies!

Disney: Get out.


what’s wrong?

he speaks in typos


ok maybe we should take 5

food idea


Listen, if you are going to someone’s house for Thanksgiving, compliment their baseboards. That is what they are spending today cleaning.


Wrong hole, except its just me watching my 3 yr old try to squeeze his head through the sleeve of his t-shirt…


I don’t know about you, but I could really go for a punch in your face right now.


My girlfriend has twin 3yo girls. They each have a sippy cup with their names on them. When she’s not looking, I switch the cups.


people who dress up for flights who’re you trying to impress? the clouds? the beverage cart? the boy in seat 12B with the perfect almond eyes and the windswept hair with the crooked smile and those perfect freckles peppered across his nose? grow up


Airbnb’s should be required to tell you their wifi password before you book because I’m second guessing this place based on “fluffycream350”.


Don’t forget to take a screen shot of the weather forecast today and post it on Instagram.