The 1st to apologize is the bravest. The 1st to forgive, the strongest. The 1st to forget, the happiest.nnThe first to kill the other, WINS.

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Shame on you if you’re still replying “damn” to selfies. Take a creative writing class.
As the cedars outside my window
swayed with the gentle autumn breeze,
I gazed upon your digital image, madam,
And my bowl of spaghetti fell to the floor
As, nearly, did I…


“How would you describe yourself in 3 words or less?” Doesn’t follow instructions very well.


Took my Airpods into the Apple Store yesterday. They sounded tinny and distant. Turned out I had them in the wrong ears and back to front. I am an award winning technology columnist. This is my story.


I’d catch a gently thrown tennis ball for you.


Friend: compliment her eyelashes, girls like that


Me: you have nice eyeball hair


Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a parent like finding a container of glitter sitting on a table…with the cap off


The doctor said to me, “Do you know you have a serious problem vocalizing your emotions?”

I said, “I can’t say I’m surprised.”


My cat feels the need to give herself an entire bath after I touch her.

So yeah, I know a thing or two about creeping someone out.


At Dairy Queen:

Me: Medium Heath Blizzard please.

DQ: You wanna spoon?

Me: Sure, when do you get off?


MUGGER: *pulls out a knife*
ME: *pulls out a jar of marmalade and two biscuits*
MUGGER: Lovely.