The cranberries used to write songs that would get stuck in your head, in your heeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater implies the existence of an evil, parallel dimension Tony Hawk Anti Skater.


As your goth husband I will adorn you with cursed artifacts then die mysteriously leaving you to be the most feared widow in the village.


The WHICHING hour: when I lay awake in the wee hours labouring over which comebacks I should have used in every argument I’ve ever had.


*job interview
HR: Can you name one of your strengths?
Me: Sure. I’ll call it Giselle.


“Dad why’d u name me this?”
I named u after the greatest athlete to ever live
“Oh ok”
Now let’s go, Air Bud, we’re gonna be late for church


First in my neighborhood to cut the grass and now the other husbands are looking at me like I reminded the teacher to assign homework.


i feel disrespected by the shift in candy size naming from “king size” to “sharing size”. i don’t share candy. im the king


A walk in the woods helps me relax and release tension.

The fact that I’m dragging a body behind me should be irrelevant


I use so many age defying crinkle creams that I don’t have finger prints anymore.