The nominees are

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

And the winner is

*opens envelope*

mad max fury road

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Wife: Silent

Me: What’s wrong?

Wife: Nothing

Me: Grabs shield and sword


Me (age 26): *parties like a rock star*

Me (age 46): *plots against the raccoon that keeps getting into my bird feeder*


The inventor of Gogurt has died. He would like you to open his urn along the dotted line and splatter half the ashes all over your shirt.


You think they keep the lights low for ambiance, but really it’s cuz that restaurant hasn’t dusted since 1986.


God: when they’re stressed their hair will start to fall out

Angel: nice, like the unsightly body hairs they hate?

God: lol no no no, the hair on their head

Angel: [under breath] i miss satan


Want to know the real reason girls go to the bathroom together?

The air hockey table.

All our bathrooms have one.


My father in law drank four cartons of milk in less than six days, so I’ve decided we’ll need to ditch him pretty early on in the apocalypse.


Kid threw a rainbow slushee at my windshield …. Thought I hit a unicorn