The pigeons behind my apartment are fighting for claim to half a rain soaked hotdog. Fighting me.

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My wife asked me if she had any ‘annoying’ habits and then got all offended during the power point presentation.


[driving test]
INSTRUCTOR: first name?
ME: Mike
I: last?
M: Arbrokedown
I: Mike Arbrokedown?
M: no problem let’s use mine
I: *crumples test*


HUSBAND: I can’t believe you’re in your 40s. You look so young.

ME: Nice try. You’re not getting the last piece of pizza.


*gives date flowers*

Here. I murdered these plants for you.


Coworker: I never would’ve guessed you’re in your 30’s. You look so young.
Me: I’m old at heart.


A penguin suit mysteriously arrives at work. No label. No explanation. You try it on, just for fun. When you turn to show your colleagues, you realise they’re all dressed as leopard seals. You flee.


PROPOSAL: Rebrand shootings as “late-term abortion.” Watch the GOP scramble to stop them.


If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. There’s nothing more endearing than happy people applauding themselves.


Teacher: What’s ur biggst fear?

Child1: Ghosts!
Child2: Dogs!
Child3: That humanity’s core reaction to misunderstanding is anger