The shortest distance between two points is over a cyclist.

~Australian drivers, apparently.

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obliviously driving m y car through chernobyl , absorbing lethal anmounts of radiation while looking for cute girls


“I’ll never forget you Jack”
“Can I float on that wood too, Rose?”
“I’ll always remember you”
“Seems like there’s room for–”
“Goodbye Jack”


alien: greetings earthlings

me: wow looks like they’ve learned our language

alien: yeet us to yaass queen

me: *pinches nose* ffs


fiancé: please take off my bra and my skirt

me: *seductively takes off her bra and her skirt*

fiancé: if i catch you wearing my stuff again, i swear to god i’m gonna murder you


Alarm system? Yeah right. I’ll defend my home the way my ancestors would have. A series of large painted portraits with peepholes for eyes.


Your fingers have fingertips but your toes don’t have toetips, yet you can tiptoe but can’t tipfinger


Husband: What is today?

Me: I’m in no mood for your riddles today.


I’m not saying it would kill me to work out, I’m just saying my wife bought me a gym membership and doubled my life insurance…