The strangers on this cruise are getting really sick of me eavesdropping and interrupting with “I’m in the same boat.”

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Wife: “She’s either deaf, or had sex with you too.”


There are two types of people on Twitter. Those who can take a joke, and those who will copy it and claim it as their own


“You think I’m immature? Well, you know what! Our relationship is-”

*holds up imaginary walky-talky*



me: hey have you seen my keys?

patient I just operated on: no

me: go like this *wiggles*


** Changes Facebook relationship status to “it’s complicated.”

My husband:


It’s confusing for me too, but I don’t need your money so you’re going to have to be a nice guy if this is going to work out.


Found a YouTube channel that’s just French women smoking cigarettes so this is my last tweet.


People wonder why I move to a new place every couple years. The truth is, I’m being chased by a snail with a grenade and a vendetta.


Cop: are you currently under the influence of any mind altering substances?

Me: just that gorgeous smile of yours

Cop: get outta here


DATING TIP: Pick up the check. Pick up the table. Pick up the chairs and the waitress and the bartender. Everyone loves upper body strength.