The term minivan implies the existence of a more spacious yet less practical mega van

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Does anybody know how many toddlers you have to bring to ‘Toys For Tots’ before you’re eligible for an Xbox?


Grandma: ‘And that’s how me and your grandfather chose the colour of toaster in our first home’

Me: ‘So you haven’t seen my scarf?’


saying “eat the rich”

-been done
-makes people think you’re a cannibal

saying “ok boomer”

-hurtful to a generation that ruined the planet and economy


My night was going great until a neighbor flew their drone over my property. So I grabbed my shotgun and yelled, “Pull!”


1: Steal ice cream van 2: Drive around slowly but never stop 3: Be proud to have helped prepare children for life’s many disappointments


accidentally called the guy at the oil change place “mom”


Me: What do you think about that?

Him: *typing*

5 minutes later



Nothing makes me turn on country music and sit up straight faster than a cop driving behind me.


“Apart from diet and exercise, anything else I should change, doctor?”

“Again, *wheeling me into surgery* the main thing is the bear fighting.”