“There Will Be Blood” is my favorite movie that answers the question, “Will blood be there?”

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Practice self-care like a lighthouse, let your problems crash all around you but avoid it by gazing mindlessly off into the distance.


Michael Phelps just won another gold medal for taking the quickest bath.


[fans out the deck]

Pick a card, any card..

Memorize it..

[hits you in the face with a shovel]


[walks off]


They say dress for the job you want not the job you have so I’m wearing no pants. Boss seems angry tho. She must know I’m looking elsewhere.


ME *waits for phone to stop ringing and then checks number to see who it was*

Guy training me to be an emergency responder: yeah that was wrong


How to sex:

Boy: can I put my finger in your belly button
Girl: sure
Girl: that’s not my belly button
Boy: that’s not my finger


For the low, low price of a $25 donation, you too can be totally annoyed by me for several days until you pay another $25 for me to shut up.


Confuse future archeologists by burying your pets in elaborate military uniforms.


ME: *walking through the park, minding my own business, carrying a small baggie full of poop*
YOU: Where’s your dog?
ME: Why do people keep asking me that?!