There’s no time capsule quite like the pocket of a coat that’s been in the closet for a year.

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*a movie that’s 100% studio logo animations but the audience doesn’t even notice until 30 minutes in*


Doctor:”…and so the baby is fine.”
Me:”And my wife?”
Doc:”I’m afraid she’s critical”
Me:”I know! But how is she?”


(Sigh) I thought “The Scarlet Letter” was a book about red stationery….


I showered today because I know I won’t want to tomorrow. I’m a planner.


If you love something set it free,unless it’s a lion. Don’t do that.


Only recently discovering that math is a branch of science probably explains my math marks in high school.


Don’t tell me you’re coming to my party on facebook then go for something better last minute ugh have fun at “the wake” or whatever


Being misunderstood is an art and apparently I should open a gallery.