These Valtrex commercials are confusing… Are herpes a pre-requisite for kayaking and rock climbing?

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HULK:*smashes a tank*
IRON MAN:*flies bomb into space to save mankind*
HAWKEYE: I have an arrow w/ your name on it pal, hold on stand still


texted a girl “what are you up to” a week ago and she has yet to respond. can’t believe she’s thinking this hard about it lol it’s a simple question. honestly i might just ghost her


god: you’re a pig

pig: huh

god: you’re filthy

pig: yeesh

god: you eat slop from a trough

pig: c’mon

god: you stink

pig: ok ok, guy, i get it.. but this should save me from being food myself tho, no?

god: here’s the thing


My Grandfathers dying words to me were, “Are you still holding the ladder?”.


groundhog: sorry guys, 6 more weeks of winter

everyone (sunbathing in february): ok


“Remember that man you met for 5 seconds when you were 2 months old? Let me catch you up on his medical history”
-my relatives


*Goes to bathroom

*Reaches down to unzip

*Discovers pants have been unzipped for the last 4 hours

*Starts wearing underwear


Me, at concert: [ironically] Freebird!

Band: *plays Freebird*

Me: Well that backfired.


[me, first day on a farm] I’ve been milking this horse for 20 minutes now and he seems to be enjoying it