They say “confidence” is the most attractive quality in a partner. But I’d have to say “not banging my friends” would be a very close 2nd

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Your phone dying is god’s way of telling you to plug it into an outlet and lie in an awkward position so you can continue doing whatever it is you’re going to hell for


Me: Doctor, I’m not ready to be a father yet.

Doctor: Your daughter is 10.


It’s almost as if they don’t know the first rule of carrying rolls of wrapping paper club is; always be prepared for a sword fight, officer.


SON: What’s a sex tape?
ME: Er well when er a man & a woman have er intercourse they
S: No
M: No?
S: Dad. I know what sex is. What’s a tape?


Women are like Gremlins, get them wet and they get into all sorts of trouble.


Last year for Christmas I got a sweater, this year I am hoping for a screamer or a moaner.


Me: Could you tell me where the fitness center is located?

Flight attendant: Please return to your seat.


I took the PBJ out a couple of times, but things got stale, my relationship with the milk soured quickly, and I wouldn’t really call what that bagel and I did “dating”.