They should just call the news “guess who was an idiot today.”

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11.45: Arrived at crime scene
11.45: Examined body. Signs of a struggle
11.45: Found murder weapon in drain
11.45: Realised watch was broken


Left my fiancé at the altar. The relationship is over, but the human sacrifice went perfectly


*At the Canadian Citizenship Exam*

Proctor: Your exam begins now and you have 1 hour to complete —

Me: *jumps out of desk and begins guzzling bottles of maple syrup* How many do I have to finish in an hour to pass?


i can guess how someone will die based on their clothes
date: what about me?
Hawaiian themed bathroom fire


Officer, this ticket says 1:59 am, but thanks to daylight savings, it’s now 1:00. So slow down, TimeCop, I haven’t committed the crime yet.


They ordered two extra large pizzas at work.

I wonder what everyone else is going to eat.


Ice, ice, baby. Ice, ice, baby. – Me taking inventory at the cryogenic infant storage facility.


Guys that have a hard time meeting girls, have you tried painting some wings on the side of a building and waiting for them to come take pictures?