Think I nailed my job interview today because I wore a graduation cap to make it look like I graduated high school

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I am not a functional alcoholic.

I am a dysfunctional sober person.


SCIENTIST: dont be stressed! some rocks becom diamonds under extreme pressure
ME: wat about the other rocks
SCIENTIST: oh they turn to dust


While you guys were wasting your time talking about politics I got banned from the Yahoo Answers ‘Horse’ section


When it comes to sex, I really need to have a connection.

Otherwise the page just keeps buffering and it takes FOREVER to load.


GF’s friend didn’t keep my Valentine’s gift a secret. So I had to embroider a towel for her too. Because, well, snitches get stitches.


[on a first date]

Her: I don’t like guns

Me: *casually unrolls my t-shirt sleeves*


Astronaut: I never loved you

Me: how could you say that?

Astronaut: it’s the truth

Me: no I mean like, sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum


Took our kids to a restaurant again because we never learn our lesson.


the idiots at NASA just hit Jupiter with one of their fireworks