This drunk guy in the mirror thinks he can beat me in a dance off but I totally embarrassed him in front of the whole women’s bathroom.

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After a funeral I try to join the family for the lunch, the hardest part is waiting at the cemetery in the mornings to find a nice family.


If you’re doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide from the giant surveillance apparatus the government’s been hiding.


I tell people “I’m here to raise awareness” because I successfully spliced a werewolf and the lochness monster.


Friend: I set a new personal record last week

Me: Me too

Friend: I took 2 minutes off my marathon time

Me: I ate 12 tacos in one sitting.


Thanksgiving prep with mom is great for my self esteem:

Why aren’t you helping me??

*starts to help*

You’re doing it wrong! Let me do it!


Dangerously attractive guitars get added to the sexy fenders register.


My G.F. has a pair of ‘meatloaf’ panties.

On the front, it says ‘I would do anything for love’

On the back it says ‘but I wont do that.’


I’m losing followers two by two. Maybe they are all boarding an ark somewhere.