Those A24 movies with narrow aspect ratios should make use out of the extra space on the sides of the screen. Put up some NFL scores or something

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I was slicing leftover ham as my kids were watching Peppa Pig and I was momentarily very sorry


It may look like I’m a sloppy eater but really I’m just teaching my dog about trickle-down economics…


I don’t know who let me be an adult. My daughter and I had a slime stretching contest that resulted in slime getting everywhere including her hair and pants


The thought of having my own kids is scary because anyone who’s half me and half someone dumb enough to have sex with me is doomed



BURGLAR: [cracks safe]

COP: Not so fast, kiddo

BURGLAR: [cracks safe more slowly]



Me-*Quietly mutters- I don’t work for you!

3-*runs out of room yelling-


A web shooter like Spiderman would have so many uses, like I could grab the chips without leaving the couch.


I was mowing with earbuds. My mom pulls up. I motion I can’t hear. She gives OK sign and proceeds to motion by thumping her chest. Pointing to her house and puts up 9 fingers. Idk wtf is happening. She gets mad and speeds off. Cause ya know, it’s my fault obviously.


Me: . . . and why’s it called Ireland, anyway? Are they irate because their patron saint was Scottish, and never actually drove any snakes out?

Priest: *grabbing mic* does anyone have anything to say about the DEPARTED?