To take full advantage of the never answer calls from an unknown number rule, you should also never assign names to numbers in your phone.

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[first day as a waiter]

customer: excuse me, there’s a fly in my soup??

me: so sorry about that! *drops a spider in the soup* that should take care of it


Be specific when saying “BYOB”:

[bursts into house]
Hey, I brought beers!
*7 pastors wives shut their Bibles disapprovingly*


I’d never snoop through my girlfriend’s phone out of love, a deep respect and the inability to crack her password.


Why Can’t I Find Out Anything About This Superb Owl #superbowl


Cop: You look pretty beat up, how many attackers did you say there was?
[flashback to me showing the cat my nunchuk skills]
Me: Easily 10


Dentist: I would like the fish sandwich, please.

Server: Tartar sauce?

Dentist: *eyes narrow*


take the quarantine challenge!

come out the other side with the same number of children you had going in: don’t make any new ones,
don’t lose any on purpose in the woods


I trust a woman ab as far as I can throw her. Very far. As far as she wants. I’ll do anything plz come back to me *cries into pillow*


Ladies time to start dating the older dudes

They can get you in the grocery store earlier