Tried a new flavor from my favorite brand of energy drinks.

It was the 2nd grossest taste I’ve ever had in my mouth.

(No offense, Andrea.)

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*wife gives me a big hug before I leave for work*

I love you too, babe!


Where’s my credit card? Son of a..


i’m torn between getting my own personal jesus or getting a large jesus to share with the whole table


hot girl doing pouty lips: wow she is so sexy

me doing pouty lips: are…are you going to puke, you have to tell me if you’re going to puke


Him: Should you be eating that much chocolate?

Me: Should you be using that much oxygen?


my sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because “first impressions matter”


Any ghost sophisticated enough to haunt a hotel is going to find the 13th floor whether you have an elevator button for it or not.



Me: *puts hands out*

Cop: wait… are you the hand model for Rolex?

Me: *blushing* guilty

Cop [winking aggressively]: Uh oh someone’s gonna have to serve some TIME


Me: *Sweeping*

Wife: Excuse me

Me: *Slams broom on floor* YOU SHALL NOT PASS

Wife: …

Me: That’s from lord of

Wife: MOVE!

Me: *Moves*


Today I have learnt – if you try and give someone the finger whilst wearing mittens, you are basically just showing them your mittens.