*tries to play a skeletons ribs like a xylophone*
SKELETON: you cant…it’s not- this is a mischaracterization perpetuated by the media

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I’ll pleasure you in ways you never thought possible like vacuuming and doing dishes


I’ve been dressing all the chipmunks in my neighborhood up as lil miners but their tiny headlamps are making it too easy for owls to spot them this is a nightmare


I looked up foods that could trigger my acid reflux and decided to embrace the acid reflux.


If Yoga is hot and out of breath, what does Yoga do?

Yoga pants.


[holding my aunts stupid idiot baby]
what sound does a cow make
good now a dog
“woof woof!”


Angry Birds for Olympics: Instead of hitting two birds with one stone, here you can hit two stones with one bird.


There’s an epidemic in Britain that makes vulnerable young women inexplicably attracted to douchebags who miss leg day.


I call my nephew “dude” and “kid” because I’m a cool aunt. Also because I can’t remember what his name is.


Dangerously attractive guitars get added to the sexy fenders register.