[trust fall exercise at work]

CW: *closes eyes, falls, hits floor* OUCH! WTF?! YOU DIDN’T CATCH ME!

M: Sorry, I thought it was optional.

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Came home to find 13 doing the dishes without being asked.

Now I’m just waiting on the police to get here with the news of whatever he did.


I can’t remember where I parked my car an hour ago but I can recall how stupid I was at 20. Please God erase that memory & bring back my car


I keep my friends clothes and my enemies toaster.

As a result, they’re now all my enemies, but they’re naked & having cereal for brekkie.


‘Time to meet your maker’ I say, more in hope, as I unpack another box of IKEA furniture.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day, unless it lives with a woman


My wife celebrates Christmas on December 26th. That’s when she returns everything I bought her and gets what she wants.


ME: Since Tatooine has 2 suns shouldn’t Luke Skywalker cast 2 shadows?
GEORGE LUCAS:*pressing intercom* Security, she’s in the house again.


Curiosity should start overthrowing the local government and drilling for oil any minute now.