TV ANNOUNCER: Up next, the Masked Singer.
CDC: Good.

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I feel it is only fair for a recipe to indicate up front how many burners it requires. For example a 3 burner recipe would be a no.


After a long journey Frodo and Sam arrive to return the One Ring to the fires of Mt. Doom

Frodo: Dude dont be mad, but I forgot the receipt


To the guy who turned the entire first floor of his house into a giant ball pit – I will find you, and I will marry you


*decides to workout*

*lays on ground to do sit-up*

*find skittle on ground*

*eats it*

*takes nap*


JIM MORRISON: people are strange, when you’re a stranger


JIM MORRISON: people are docks, when you’re a doctor


JIM MORRISON: *wiggling fingers* people are ticks, when you’re a tickler

PRODUCER (lips on mic): uh, I think we’re good Jim


Oil is made from dinosaurs. Plastic is made from oil. Plastic dinosaurs are made from real dinosaurs.


Hot Shingles in your area want to give you a painful rash.


Me: Where were you supposed to poop?

2-year-old: The potty.

Me: So why didn’t you?

2: I’m too busy.


[police car behind me]
Me: shit, was that a red light back there?
My dog: like a grey
Me: …
My dog: like a light grey. If that helps