Two certain individuals today proclaimed me the worst mom ever because I took them to the dentist.


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The 6 or so days between Christmas and New Year’s is truly No Man’s Land. Like am I supposed to sleep all day? Get my life together? Spend the entire day watching TikToks? Hang out with my parents? Are we in 2019 or 2020? What do I eat besides Christmas cookies?


Holding back your crazy is like sucking in your fat. Eventually it’s gonna come out.


A priest, a minster, and a rabbit walk into a bar. The rabbit says, “I think I’m a typo.”


If two people meet and wind up in the bedroom and discover they’re both doms, do they just fight to the death?


[The year was 2050]

“Grandpa why are you sitting outside”

“There was a time when this was illegal you know”


Me: you want salmon for dinner?

3yo: yeah!

Me: what do you want with it?

3yo: mayo.

Me: I meant what kind of vegetable.

3yo: mayonnaise.


More tattoo artists really just need to say “No, I’m not doing that.”


bugs bunny: i’m asking lola to marry me, i need a ring

jeweler: how many karats

bugs bunny: however many it takes, my good man, i just love her soo much


when someone pisses you off start counting down from 10. When you get to 8 punch them in the throat, they will never expect it.