under no circumstances will my brother take the L

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people flirting in your comments are like bats writing love notes to eachother in the smoke of your dumpster fire


The key to any successful relationship is to prevent your partner from being carried away by a large bird


My husband leaves town for a week: see ya!

I leave town for a week: here’s the kids pickup and dropoff times at school, all 3 practice schedules, doctors and dentist appointments, shopping list, dinner menu and PLEASE DONT FORGET TO FEED THE KIDS.


That awkward moment when you can’t decide if it’s just a bad pic or you really look like that.


ME: Being a scientist is just asking questions. So, in a way, we’re all scientists.

ACTUAL SCIENTIST: No. Becoming a scientist requires years of-

ME: Looking up at the stars in wonderment. I hear you, respected peer.


Hell yes we can still be friends if you don’t drink, I’m not that shallow. You have a driver’s license, right??


Shirts that say SWAG and YOLO for sale at Walmart. Because dressing like an idiot should be affordable.