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Page of 1_swarthy_dude's best tweets

@1_swarthy_dude : I asked my wife to pick up some 25yr caulk at Home Depot and she's been in the bathroom getting ready for hours.

@1_swarthy_dude: 10 people in 1 suffer from multiple personality disorder.

@1_swarthy_dude: Fact: If you blast hiphop at a shallot, it becomes a rapscallion.

@1_swarthy_dude: [texting]

HotGirl: Help me ace the Periodic Table test tomorrow?

Nerd: Selenium Neodymium Neon Tungsten Darmstadtium

HG: ?

N: SeNd NeWDs

@1_swarthy_dude: Me:*smashes car window to rescue baby*

Her:"WTF I was getting the stroller from the trunk!"

Me:"Yeah, but you had Coldplay on the radio."

@1_swarthy_dude: Her:[watching sunset]"Best date ever! Nothing can ruin this mo.."

*crunching sounds*

Me:[eating live Monarch butterflies out of a ziplock]

@1_swarthy_dude: Boss:"I'll need those projections done Aesop!"

Me:"You mean ASAP?"

Boss:"No, I mean a parable that uses animals to convey a moral lesson."

@1_swarthy_dude: [1st date]

Me: "So, what do you do?"

Her: "I'm a Herpetologist."

Me: "Great! [pulls pants down] How bad is this?"

@1_swarthy_dude: You have to kiss a lot of short, black, flamboyant musicians before you can find your Prince.

@1_swarthy_dude: Astrophysicists still struggling to explain the Big Bang Theory: "It's a corny show! We just don't get it!" said one astrophysicist.