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Page of AthenaMystique's best tweets

@AthenaMystique : Oh, you don't like my Lego jokes?


HAHA, get it?!


@AthenaMystique: *texts god*

Me: yo, can we add "being a grammar nazi" to the list of sins? Their annoying.
God: *they're

@AthenaMystique: Just saw a sign advertising crabs and clams. I don't know about you, but I prefer to keep the crabs away from my clam.

@AthenaMystique: Apparently UFC is not Ultimate Fried Chicken and now I'm even hungrier watching huge greased up men touch each other inappropriately.

@AthenaMystique: Dear Google Maps,

Don't insult me by telling me to head "southwest". If I knew where southwest was, I wouldn't be using you.


@AthenaMystique: When cute black and white bears start communing with spirits, it's pandanormal.

@AthenaMystique: I hope buying all this cat food doesn't make me look like a crazy cat lady.

I just like the taste.

@AthenaMystique: Canadians have to stick together.

Really, it's the massive amounts of maple syrup. They don't have much of a choice.

@AthenaMystique: Coworker: Oh, look how beautiful! It's snowing again!

Me: *stabs coworker with icicle*

@AthenaMystique: Walmart pokes holes in the condoms to ensure customer retention.