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@BBQJones28 : A closed mouth keeps it's teeth.

@BBQJones28: For the record..when you get punched in the doesn't make that movie all.

@BBQJones28: Shout out to the dude who's followed and unfollowed approximately 25632 times this week.

@BBQJones28: Eye of the Tiger came on the radio so I jumped out my car and shadow boxed till the light turned green.

@BBQJones28: Family cookouts are spent telling me to "stop...don't say that"

@BBQJones28: I use someone calling me during a phone call as an opportunity to hang up on both of them.

@BBQJones28: Tomorrow I'm gonna chase really run after them..screaming and everything.

@BBQJones28: For every chick that's crying about no good guys out there...there's a dude she's ignoring that's good to her.

@BBQJones28: When someone favorites instead of retweeting me I comfort myself by thinking "they're just keeping me to themselves"