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Page of BadassBarbie11's best tweets

@BadassBarbie11 : If you blow out the kid's Birthday candles at enough parties, people will just stop inviting you to them.

@BadassBarbie11: Why don't they just use a 3 year old with a drum set as an enhanced interrogation technique?

@BadassBarbie11: Sex so good, you make bed angels with your arms and legs afterwards.

@BadassBarbie11: Hangman was my favorite childhood learning game that promoted hanging someone for a wrong answer.

@BadassBarbie11: The fact that this peanut butter jar states that it "Contains Peanuts" makes me extremely nervous for the human race.

@BadassBarbie11: Nice try, dogs who wear "Please Don't Pet Me, I'm Working" vests.

@BadassBarbie11: The good news is, I blocked the creepy guy. The bad news is, I'm tweeting this from inside his trunk.