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@Boleyngirly : If you'd just let me explain, you'd be even angrier.

@Boleyngirly: Fine. I'll rush you to the hospital, but then we're doing what I want.

@Boleyngirly: I hear the Pink Panther song when I sneak down the hall for a midnight snack..

@Boleyngirly: What is wrong with me?!? Asking for a friend..

@Boleyngirly: Awww. It looks like the neighbors are having the police dept over for brunch..

@Boleyngirly: When someone asks "You know what I think?", I say "Yes I do". End of discussion.

@Boleyngirly: I slept like a rock last night meaning I woke up in the flower bed with the house key under my belly.

@Boleyngirly: Turns out I can hold my breath with a pillow over my face way longer than an old person. Innocent mistake..