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Page of BooFricketyHoo's best tweets

@BooFricketyHoo : Dried up sea monkeys taste nothing like chicken. Related: Never ever put your kids seamonkey packets near your cup o'noodles packets. Ever.

@BooFricketyHoo: That awkward moment when you are introduced to someone and you have no idea if that person is their child or their spouse.

@BooFricketyHoo: Next update: Twitter will tell you what the retweeter is feeling as they retweet your retweet. And what they had for breakfast.

@BooFricketyHoo: I thought I had life all sorted out, and then the wind blew.

@BooFricketyHoo: I tried yoga and I think my downward dog looked more like winnie the pooh getting stuck in rabbit's door.

@BooFricketyHoo: My plan to disappoint everyone I've ever known is exceeding my expectations.

@BooFricketyHoo: I'm on Twitter because my brother got a chemistry set for christmas when he was little and I got plaid pants.