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Page of Brampersandon_'s best tweets

@Brampersandon_ : ME: revise my plea? Why?
JUDGE: read it back
RECORDER: defendant said "cauliflower is just white broccoli"
ME: *lips on mic* I stand by that

@Brampersandon_: GUY (hanging off the side of a cliff): I can’t hold on much longer!

ME (holding two ice cream cones): i really wish i could be more help

@Brampersandon_: GOD: ask me anything
ME: why aren’t there middlecase letters?
GOD: *reaching for a button labeled “flood the earth again”*

@Brampersandon_: [Super Villain Team Tryouts]

COACH: Tell me what you can do

MAGNETO: I can manipulate metal

LOKI: I'm a god

THE PENGUIN (shoving his way to the front): I LIKE PENGUINS!

@Brampersandon_: JAMES BOND (to bartender): Martini shaken not stirred

ME (acting cool): bud light shaken not stirred *opens it & it just sprays everywhere*

@Brampersandon_: [pitching my invention of liquid chicken nuggets]
CEO: so you just drink them?
ME: *pulls a needle and syringe out of my briefcase* think bigger

@Brampersandon_: [coaching little league]
KID: did I do good today,coach
ME: you ate 4 dandelions in the 3rd inning alone, Brayden

@Brampersandon_: WIFE (pulling up my browser history): i need you to explain something
ME: *gulps* uh oh
WIFE (points at my google search for "cry orbs with layers"): how the hell do you forget the word "onion"

@Brampersandon_: [using my one prison phone call in 2007] yes, one vote for Sanjaya please

@Brampersandon_: ME: *striking a pose at the end of the runway*

PILOT (over intercom): we'll take off as soon as this fuckin moron gets out of the way