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Page of Breadery's best tweets

@Breadery : Dodgeball but with random people that don't know they're playing.

@Breadery: I taught my daughter to whistle a few days ago and now I'm teaching her that whistling can lead to adoption.

@Breadery: At my funeral I want the picture of me next to the coffin to have eyeholes cut out with someone behind it glaring at people coming in.

@Breadery: How do stick men play fetch with their dog?

@Breadery: My ex got engaged at Christmas but apparently responding to the news with "LOL" is "a representation of everything that is wrong with me."

@Breadery: Remember when you were small & all you wanted was a pony but your parents were high on meth & thought the house was already full of ponies?

@Breadery: I tried to wear skinny jeans but it squeezed all my flesh into the top half of my body and made me look like a novelty balloon.

@Breadery: My daughter got a sticker from her teacher that said 'resilient tortoise.'
I've sent her in with one to give in return, 'patronizing hippo.'

@Breadery: I like to think of myself as a guy who doesn't scare too easily but I just beat the shit out of a motion activated air freshener.