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Page of Brianhopecomedy's best tweets

@Brianhopecomedy : Played twister with my kids and now hold the world record for saying, "That's not your left foot" a billion times.

@Brianhopecomedy: I know I did a good job dressing my 3 year old when my wife doesn't have to tell everyone she sees that I dressed her.

@Brianhopecomedy: A guy that was falsely imprisoned for 10 years got free tickets to the Super Bowl. That guy is SO lucky.

@Brianhopecomedy: When someone rings the doorbell I say to my kids, "I think it's Santa Claus!" so I don't have to get up.

@Brianhopecomedy: How my 7 year old plays board games:

Rolls a 6.

Counts to 6.

Moves his piece wherever he wants.

@Brianhopecomedy: I inform my 4 year old that she's going to a friend's house 5 minutes before we leave so she only asks me when we're going 6000 times.

@Brianhopecomedy: My wife is scrolling through Netflix to see what shows I watched between now and when she asked me to vacuum. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

@Brianhopecomedy: And the award for Best Actress goes to...*opens envelope* 4 year old daughter for her overly-dramatic scene in "Bath Time".

@Brianhopecomedy: Not sure why me wife is only mad at me. My 4 year old forgot her birthday too.