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Page of CArmanthegirl's best tweets

@CArmanthegirl : H: I feel like you are ignoring me
M: trust your feelings

@CArmanthegirl: Me: I’m gonna take a nap
Him: ok I’ll go in the next room and make lots of noise

@CArmanthegirl: *naked in boots*
Omg I’m gonna win this Shrek costume contest

@CArmanthegirl: Me: these edibles are shit

(30 minutes later)

I’m gonna play Jenga with these Oreos

@CArmanthegirl: Oh look the neighbors have a Halloween inflatable
-releases the cats

@CArmanthegirl: *high looking at my cat*
When did I get a fluffy chicken?

@CArmanthegirl: I’m not afraid to go to prison I really need a vacation

@CArmanthegirl: I’m starting to think that guy in 5th grade isn’t going to ask me to couple skate

@CArmanthegirl: A sleeve of Oreos each night will whiten your teeth. Everyone knows this