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Page of CherBear162's best tweets

@CherBear162 : I would never get a minivan because I can't even think of 7 people I'd want to be stuck in a vehicle with.

@CherBear162: I really want a Popsicle but I'm so not in the mood for Freezer Jenga.

@CherBear162: I'm not surprised you had a facelift..but it looks like you are.

@CherBear162: An example of men's inability to understand women - Me: I have Nothing To Wear!! Him: Awesome!

@CherBear162: Well Officer..we didn't have a bottle so that dead guy over there..


No the other dead guy..suggested "Spin The .44"..And I WON!

@CherBear162: I can't bend my pinky without my ring finger bending as this normal?

Let's hear your results 'cause I know you just tried it.

@CherBear162: Where's my cell?

"Right there."

That's not my phone.

"Yes it is. I cleaned it!"

My cell's white?

@CherBear162: Medication for depression "may cause thoughts of suicide". If this were so for all meds then:

Diet Pills..may cause ravenous hunger

@CherBear162: In the movie Titanic it always bugged me that she stayed on the raft when clearly she had more body fat for warmth.