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@CoolCamel69 : *pulls home cooked meal out of oven*
*family awkwardly stares at me*
Yup, this is definitely not my house.

@CoolCamel69: *pulls out stack of pancakes and completely stuffs mouth during interview*
Nexft queffstun pleeazse
"Umm. Your biggest weakness?"

@CoolCamel69: "we're broke? how is that possible?"
(extremely high pitched voice)
no idea
"did you-"
*opens closet & hundreds of helium tanks fall out*

@CoolCamel69: wherever this dart lands is where I'll take a trip to
*throws dart and it lands on Hogwarts poster*
oh, well this is going to be difficult

@CoolCamel69: [picking out a washing machine]
how many watermelons can this hold?
"uhh I dunno, 11?"
only 11?
*keeps walking to next one*
how many waterme

@CoolCamel69: *catcher puts 1 finger down*
*pitcher shakes head*
*puts 2 fingers down*
(catcher to umpire)
"can we take a break? he has to poop"

@CoolCamel69: "How's your love life?"
Well, I went on a date. 45 minutes in I realized it was a turtle in a wig.
"I'm sorry man"
it's ok. still got laid.

@CoolCamel69: Son, I found some drugs in your backpack
"Dad I swear they're not mine"
DAMMIT SUSAN, THEY ARENT HIS. 1st time we were proud and you blew it