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Page of CubanaMama82's best tweets

@CubanaMama82 : I once got a ride home from the pizza guy by ordering 1 pizza to be delivered to the bar and 1 to my house. Pretty sure i deserve an award.

@CubanaMama82: I'm famous people used to have talent years old.

@CubanaMama82: If I wasn't supposed to have vodka for breakfast they shouldn't have made it taste so good with orange juice.

@CubanaMama82: I dunno who decided on the spelling of bologna, but it's obvious he had no idea how letters work.

@CubanaMama82: If you're ever lost in the woods and have a compass, the compass can help you be lost more north.

@CubanaMama82: The worst thing about dating is bringing a nice guy home after dinner, only to find your husband home early from work.