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Page of DancesWithTamis's best tweets

@DancesWithTamis : I want a rich person to hire me to float around in their pool and feed me bread I want to be a wealthy person's duck

@DancesWithTamis: Let me get this straight. The guy was raised by animals in the jungle with no human contact whatsoever and he named himself George?

@DancesWithTamis: In an incredible turn of events we've been informed that the zodiac killer has killed himself after being mistaken for Ted Cruz

@DancesWithTamis: The only good thing about grinding your teeth at night is that every morning you can wake up and do a line of teeth off your pillow

@DancesWithTamis: With trump being a potential candidate I feel like the Simpsons are sitting on their couch watching an episode of us

@DancesWithTamis: "Hola! I'm SeƱor Coconut, children"

[cracks head on the pavement. Children scream]

"Drink me. Drink me. I'm full of vitamins and minerals"

@DancesWithTamis: I'm so bad at making decisions that whenever I hit a yellow light I scream, open my car door and throw myself out

@DancesWithTamis: [The Beatles writing Here Comes The Sun]
Paul: so what should come after here comes the sun?
[Ringo screams from bathroom]: Doo Doo, Doo Doo

@DancesWithTamis: Confuse your least favorite person at work by moving in slow motion when they're the only person watching you