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@Dank_Pal : "And for our next lesson, we'll learn how to roll a blunt, or un cigarrillo marijuana" - Rosetta Stoned

@Dank_Pal: [Job Interview]
Sir, it says here you're part of a small group of criminals that primarily kills interviewersoohhhhmygod

@Dank_Pal: Ocean's Eleven? Ummmm I'm pretty sure it's a little older than that. Who is this idiot?

@Dank_Pal: Hi everyone, welcome to Motorboat Club. Let's get started on some sailing basics.
*Man in back row throws brochure on ground and storms out*

@Dank_Pal: ~Little Mermaid family meeting~
Ariel.... We found this hidden in your top drawer.
*places sea cucumber on table*

@Dank_Pal: They updated the Raggedy Ann doll to Swaggedy Ann. She comes with an iPhone, divorced parents, and 3 pairs of heelys