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Page of DarkerWillow's best tweets

@DarkerWillow : Today I realized that I lead an extremely secretive life for someone that no one is actually paying attention to.

@DarkerWillow: Amazon Prime sounds like a great dating site for Super Fierce Cougars.

@DarkerWillow: Ok, I'm finally off dairy. Next is sugar, then heroin.

@DarkerWillow: I think it's only called hoarding when you're poor.

@DarkerWillow: You collect clowns AND porcelain dolls??

Are you sure you don't want some help filling out your dating profile sir?

@DarkerWillow: My husband thinks it's really weird I only like green bananas and I think it's really weird I have a husband.

@DarkerWillow: So eBay takes 10% of your profits and Craig's List is 100% free, but with the chance of being murdered...such a dilemma