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Page of DeanB15's best tweets

@DeanB15 : Kim Kardashian compared getting through her divorce was like beating cancer. Except cancer is real. She should compare her stupidity to it.

@DeanB15: Lindsay Lohan said she's voting for Mitt b/c "employment is really important right now"
Like it's Obama's fault no one wants to hire her.

@DeanB15: Straight guys on twitter, If you haven't been hit on by a gay guy on here take a long look at yourself & figure out what's wrong with you.

@DeanB15: I got drunk with my dad once and I asked him if his boner curved to the left too, he replied "No, you got that from your mother". :(

@DeanB15: I just smoked so much pot that I tried to order one of the dishes of food off the scrolling instagram menu.

@DeanB15: I think the only job requirement you need to become a TSA agent, is to know how to do a really good eye roll while you're chewing gum.